” As a youngster growing up I would often see the use of natural back yard home remedies such as corrila, lime, blydog and cudjoe root being used by my grand parents, mother and even neighbours for skin conditions such as ring worm, rash,  scabies, body odour and this was rather fascinating to me.

I later  became the herbal king in the year 1980 where I put my fascination into reality and started to produce home made soap with these same natural remedies adding coconut oil and olive oil for numerous skin conditions. The use of my product by friends and neighbours was recommended to others by their testimonies on the effectiveness of my product. It then became  marketable where I would manufacture for small retail shops.

I would gather my raw materials such as cudjoe root and corilla from a village called Gregg’s where it is in abundance, and blydog from within my own back yard. I then introduced marijuana as one of my raw materials.  As a herbal soap manufacturer I can truly say that natural is always the best way to go”.


At WIQ one of our Unique Selling Points, is the Exceptional Ingredient Marijuana. Our Soaper after many years  has perfected the technique of using Marijuana Leaf Extracts to produce a finished product. This is within the UK Cosmetic Regulation, and complies with the misuse of drugs ACT 1971 and 2001 Regulations.

“The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation.” 
Ricardo Robertson CEO